Start Speed dating moms

Speed dating moms

In order to continue to spread the word about Moms Matched through Austin, nationally and internationally, Hieatt is planning to focus on numerous advertising campaigns to bring awareness to moms everywhere about this opportunity to meet people and make new friendships.

After hosting events for the past six months and receiving emails from moms internationally who wish they had a program like Moms Matched in their city, Hieatt has begun plans for an online speed-dating forum.

The website will include profiles of moms in cities worldwide looking to make connections with other moms.

“It really is just people talking and getting to know someone.

The online realm is a great tool for building and sustaining friendships, no matter where you are,” Hieatt says.

After the success of the first event, Hieatt decided to pursue the idea, developing it into Moms Matched.

“With speed dating, everyone is there for the same thing. [We’re] all looking for the right friend, someone you can let go with and that helps to make this parenting journey more fun and less individualistic,” Hieatt says.

“Depending on your personality, you may not prefer to go up to someone at a park.