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Who is rey mysterio dating

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Rey Mysterio, who is currently attracting fans with his skills at the Lucha Underground, has said "you never say never" when discussing his possible return to the WWE.

But the "Master of the 619" said that for now he would not like to make a comeback as he loves his schedule and the style Lucha Underground has to offer.

Mysterio, who was one of the biggest WWE stars almost a decade ago, in an interview with Sports Illustrated said that at the moment there is no other wresting promotion in the world that can match what Lucha Underground is doing."You never say never, but I am very, very comfortable in the position I'm in with Lucha Underground.

Every WWE Superstar has a finishing maneuver that usually results in victory.

Unlike the joke of a list WWE Home Video made for The Top 50 Superstars of All Time, this one makes sense and can be used in a serious debate on the topic. Watching a variation of the same thing 50 times gets tedious very quickly.

Each segment features the move shown at least a dozen times with a few Superstars saying how much they admired the move and at least one person giving a kayfabe explanation for the move being devastating.

Here we go When the mask's out the girls they pass out The boys just black out better tap out! Who's that jumping out the sky are-E-Y Mysterio.....